Amputation Surgery

There are some Journals that offer free public access.  In that case we have conveniently placed the entire article below.  In most cases, a journal carries a subscription, and access is limited through purchase.  Our researchers have access to those journals and have summarized them with an easy to read title, author list, abstract, and in some cases pertinent figures, charts, tables, or graphs.  We have selected articles that are either prominent in the OP field or in the news. We have also included articles that contains outcome research that is, or can be OP policy changing. This should assist you and your staff in providing evidence to your physicians, therapists, and insurance companies as to the efficacy of a certain OP components, devices, or procedures.  We will be continually adding content to the Research Center, so check back often.  

Ertl Amputation.pdf DOWNLOAD VIEW
Amputation Surgery Literature Summary.pdf DOWNLOAD VIEW
Soft Tissue Revision of Amputated Limbs.pdf DOWNLOAD VIEW
Nawijn, 2005, POI, 2005, Amp Post Op, SR-1pg_summary.pdf DOWNLOAD VIEW
Smith, 2003, JRRD, Post Op, SR-1pg_summary.pdf DOWNLOAD VIEW

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