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Att.: Martin Faarborg and Helena Barton


Weidekampsgade 6

Postboks 1600

0900 København C


Letter of Representation from Management on the comparative LCA Reports for a laminated transtibial prosthesis against a 3D printed transtibial prosthesis

This Letter of Representation by Management is declared in connection with Deloitte’s compilation of the LCA Reports (Background Report and Summary Report) for a laminated transtibial prosthesis against a 3D printed transtibial prosthesis process (”the Reports”), and, being responsible for the report, we confirm the following:

  1. The Reports fairly present the conditions described by the Reports.
  2. There are no relevant circumstances, which are not included in the Reports, that could materially alter the LCAs described in the Reports.
  3. There will be no alterations to the Reports without Deloitte’s consent.
  4. The Reports are free from material misstatement.
  5. We have made all materials regarding resource consumption, processes, materials, etc., as well as underlying documentation existing to this date available for the compilation of the Reports.
  6. The LCA Summary Report constitutes an accurate summary of the LCA Background Report.

Bandagist Jan Nielsen A/S further confirms that it will:

  1. Only mention Deloitte’s contribution regarding advisory about the Reports along with a link to the LCA Summary Report, which is to be made freely assessible (e.g., on Bandagist Jan Nielsen’s website).*
  2. Only mention Deloitte’s contribution to the Reports in connection with the compilation of the Reports, see the Auditor’s Compilation Report.


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