1E95 Challenger

1E95 Challenger

by Ottobock

The Challenger is a multi-purpose foot developed for the varying demands from everyday walking to recreational sports.
High deflection of the curved main spring along with the shock absorbing wedge unit provides excellent vertical shock absorption, which is desired for court sports like tennis or basketball, and energy return for activities such as sprinting and long distance running. The base spring and interchangeable VS wedge unit allows for stability and control during rapid movements, while walking, and while standing.


  • Two Vertical Shock Heel Wedges for different functional dynamics included (total of 4 stiffness’s of vertical shock wedge units available)

  • No footshell required for more secure fit in shoe

  • Shoehorn included to simplify changing shoes

  • Shock absorption and energy return for dynamic performance

  • Stable standing and walking due to base spring

  • Waterproof

Product Details:

23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30
Product Weight
29 oz
Weight Limit
200 lbs
Activity Level
K3, K4
Mounting Type
Energy Storing Energy Return, Sports Foot, Vertical Shock, Waterproof

Additional information:

Trial Period
12 months
L Code
Sandal Toe

For more information visit Ottobockus.com

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